Bijou’s Favorite Ribbon

season 1 episode 15

Japanese airdate: October 13, 2000

US airdate: June 21, 2002

On a school trip, the handsome Travis doesn’t notice Laura’s pretty hair ribbon— Hamtaro Wikia that she wore just for him, and she is heartbroken. At the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, the Ham-Hams decide to play Blind Man’s Bluff. While Bijou is napping, Cappy takes her favorite hair ribbon for Hamtaro to use as a blindfold. She wakes up furious and confronts Hamtaro, putting an end to the game. The Ham-Hams think it’s best to leave Bijou alone for a bit until she feels better. They decide to go to a place called Acorn Mountain. After everyone leaves, a sleepy Snoozer hears Bijou crying and wakes up for a moment to comfort her. He says that Hamtaro is forgetful but kind.

Heeding Snoozer’s wise words, she then decides to go where the hamsters are picking acorns to find Hamtaro and make-up with him. When she gets there, she discovers that Hamtaro hurt his foot while picking acorns for her. Bijou comforts him, taking off her hair-ribbon to wrap his sprain. Later when Laura takes off her ribbon, Travis notices it’s gone. Maybe Travis and Hamtaro noticed more than either girl first imagined. — Hamtaro Wikia



Today is Bijou’s birthday! (10/7)

Congratulations to the beautiful Snow Princess!

What can I say. Bijou has been my favourite character since she was introduced in Episode 4. My first OC, André, was created just to be her boyfriend. A lot happened after that, haha. I wanted to make an update on HHP for her birthday, maybe write some fan-fiction as I used to do until a few years ago… but I run out of ideas and lately I’ve been really busy so I’ll just do this instead.

Bijou is one of the few international hamsters there are. I am still wondering why they decided to add her as a foreign hamster, but I guess they pulled it alright. Bijou turned out be friends with Oshare, another french hamster, although she never mentions it before and, for what we know, she never went outside during her stance in Paris.

Bijou is also the main female character. She appears on almost (if not all) the episodes after she is introduced, and she even have a movie featuring her! And whenever the Ham-Hams have to address the group of girls, they usually name her first.

Bijou’s character song is called “Soyokaze ni Ribbon”, which could translate as “Bijou’s breath of air”.

Now, onto the “what episodes you should watch about this character”, let’s make a list! Surprisingly, there are less episodes than what you should expect, being a main character as she is. I’ll ignore any episode pre-105, as they’re dubbed and we have all seen those anyway.

Remember, I’ll assume you have seen the episodes while talking about them! There might be heavy spoilers involved!

Movie 3: Ham-Ham Grand Prix: The Miracle of Aurora Village - Download link

What can I say. Of course we had to start with Bijou’s movie.

Although this is not my favourite movie, I treasure it a lot. I can’t tell how many times I’ve watched it, or resubbed it even. It is some kind of tradition to myself to improve the subbing on this movie every Bijou’s birthday, sadly this year there won’t be much luck with that :(

Although technically the movie focus on Hamtaro as usual, Bijou does have a heavy role on this one.

Bijou obtain the role of the “Snow Princess”, a priestess that aims to make snow by talking with God. Along with the magic of Lapislazuli sisters episodes, this brings in something really unusual: religion.

Although they don’t imply any specific God, it’s still interesting how they do mention one. Bijou acts all cool and with acceptance of her duty during the whole movie. She actually doesn’t seem to care much about the pirates kidnapping her and, being her natural friendly and gentle attitude, she even make dinner for them!

But as the movie approaches the end, she gets nervous… or just lose confidence, I can’t really tell because it is not explained on screen. She’s hesitant to perform the ceremony, maybe because she’s afraid she would not be able to make it snow.

After trying with all her might and heart, and not being able to fulfill what the Snow Hams wanted of her, Bijou collapses and asks the Snow Hams to search for “their real Snow Princess”, as she’s obviously “a fake”. She then does something unexpected as she has always tried to hide her affection for Hamtaro, and runs to his shoulders to cry. This shows how much of a heavy charge it was for her to support in her shoulders the task the Snow Hams give her, even if she knew she may not be able to do it.

Another thing I really like to point out is that, meanwhile every hamster in the altar is screaming and chanting for snow, Bijou is silent, on her praying stance. Some people I’ve addressed this with say that she’s just praying in silence, but in my opinion, she’s in actual communion with God, talking with him. Yeah I know this sounds weird lol But when she thanks everyone, and even let some tears go down onto the altar… I believe it might be the God talking, not actually Bijou. He is just grateful that everyone support the Snow Princess and grants their wish.

Something that support my point and made me decide to include it here, is when Bijou raises her paw. She could be just aiming to get the first snowflake that fell, but she also could be aiming to raise God’s hand, coming from the aurora.

This movie really shows a lot of facts about Bijou many people ignore or just don’t know about, and also just shows her very nature.

Now for me… It was most likely one of the movies I had more fun subbing. It was slightly hard to do it, and I think I should be making a resubbing of it anytime soon because there are some stuff that could be improved… But sadly I’m busy and it will have to wait.

132: Bijou’s memorable picture book! - Download link

This episode shows some of Bijou’s past, even how she got her name! Maria was always a good girl, she practiced piano since she was a child, and her grandmother, which lived in Japan, was one of her best friends.

They shared a very precious picture book, telling the story of a fairy hamster called “Bijou”, and Maria promised that if she ever get a hamster, she would call her Bijou!

And when she gets a hamster… well she does just that. Bijou really wants Maria to met her grandmother now that they’re both on Japan, so she delivers a letter to her!

This episode shows how much does Bijou care about Maria, but it’s not the only one.

168: I want to see you, Bijou! - Download link

As I said, this episode also shows how much does Maria mean for Bijou.

On her way home after a day outside with the Ham-Hams, Bijou fell from the tree that connect with her bedroom’s window. Luckily, Maria’s dog notices it, and so does Maria, and she gets treated of her injuries!

But seeing Maria that much worried, Bijou decides that she’s not going to go out… ever again.

Bijou remembers the first time she goes out, when Hamtaro and the others come to see her… They’ve redone that moment with the current style, and that make it really special!

Hamtaro goes to visit Bijou everyday, even if she can’t go out, he decides that she’ll no be forgotten and bring here the stories of what happens on the Clubhouse everyday!

Boss, too, decides to do his best for Bijou. And he decides to take watch in order to be the first one to notice Bijou when she decides to return!

This episode ends up showing how important both the Ham-Hams and Maria are for Bijou, when she finally decides to leave in order to met with them, but finds out that she need to get home really quick!

Bijou ends up telling that she’ll become more strong… with shows how mature she is.

197: A love rival, Bijou! - Download link

This episode was shared wtih Lapis’s birthday, but this is because it is important for both.

Lapis kissed Hamtaro in the cheek when they met, and Bijou got all jealous about that! Because of that, she believes Lapis likes Hamtaro, and tries everything she can to make Lapis’s impression of Hamtaro go all wrong. She even badmouth him, saying he does bad stuff (although Lapis thinks they’re pretty cool), but she gets caught because Hamtaro was listening! Even though Lapis is trying to be more friendly with her, Bijou just sees her as a rival.

After a while, she notices that the thing Lapis did, kissing Hamtaro in the cheek, is something that Lapis do to give thanks to friends!

She seems relieved that Lapis is not a rival, and that makes them more friend in the future!

216: Changing mirror! - Download link

This is one of the most funny episodes I’ve subbed, because of Aunt Viv!

The Ham-Hams shown Aunt Viv and Elder-Ham Sweet Paradise, and they were having a lot of fun!

But suddenly, Hamtaro and Elder-Ham; as well as Bijou and Aunt Viv, change their bodies with a magical mirror made by Lazuli!

With that, you can imagine what outrages would Aunt Viv do on Bijou’s young body… For example, making a race where the winner would be able to kiss Bijou!

And guess who wins? The most experienced hamster on the youngest body, Elder Ham on Hamtaro’s body!

So when the elder are about to kiss in the younger bodies… Will the spell be broken?~

269: Satisfied Bijou! - Download link

And this episode will always be on my top 5. Although I am not a fan of Hamtaro x Bijou couple, I’ve to admit that this episode is very well worked out, the script is nice, the setting is perfect, and the animation is good.

Bijou is going out on a date with Hamtaro! She’s always concerned that whenever she goes out with Hamtaro, the other Ham-hams are always around, but this time, it will be only the two of them!

Bijou heard by Mistery that she would be able to go on a date with Hamtaro if she asked him, and so she did! However, Bijou kept getting delayed on her date because she kept finding other Ham-hams that make her do stuff, or she felt into the mud… She’s very unlucky!

She was scared that the Ham-hams would want to come if she told them where she was heading, and she was also scared that Hamtaro would get mad at her for not arriving at the scheduled time!

But, at the end, they were able to have some fun together, altho Hamtaro didn’t actually understood that it was supposed to be a date.

After a while, the Ham-hams arrive, and she notices that with them is even better!

But… is not the ending of the episode which makes this episode very cool, it’s the overall attitude of both Bijou and Hamtaro. Hamtaro acts like he always do, being a good friend with all, including Bijou. But Bijou sees more than that on him, and this episode shows it.

This episode has a really good setting, story, and design, I really like it a lot.

And this would be all for the “must watch” episodes of Bijou’s bday! I believe I’ve missed some… For example, another important one is 208 (Cupid Sparkle!~nano) because it also centers around the “love rivality” between Bijou and Lapis, but it also adds Sparkle on the equation so I decided to drop it out.

Hm… as I said at the beggining, Bijou’s birthday has always been a very important date for me. Either I worked on some fanfiction, or I fixed the third movie subs, or just did a regular update on this day. However this year I’m busier than ever, so it can’t be helped…

I hope you enjoyed the Snow Princess’s birthday post as much as I enjoyed writting it!

Bijou’s in Danger! (part 2)

The Ham-Hams go looking for her and find that Bijou has fainted among the alley-cat’s kittens after being frightened by the protective mother cat. The Ham-Hams attempt a dramatic rescue, but Hamtaro and Boss are chased, and the others get trapped under a bucket. Unexpectedly, Laura and Kana show up and begin fawning over the baby kittens. The proud mother cat turns her attention away from the hamsters, and at last the Ham-Hams are able to make their escape.  — Hamtaro Wikia