Today is Pashmina’s Birthday (9/16)

Today is the pink maternal hammie’s birthday and I’m sure this is a day that I’m pretty sure Howdy and Dexter look forward to for weeks as well as baby Penelope.

I like Pashmina, she’s grown on me the past few years. I didn’t really think too much of her besides her liking pink, scarves, knitting and being Penelope’s caretaker. But a few episodes later where she has taken the spotlight and a cutesy things here and there brought me to like her even more. 

There’s nothing really interesting about Pashie’s birthdate other than the fact that she’s a Virgo and Pashmina is way more of the maiden type than Bijou is. 

She’s also lucky enough to have an image song called Mafura ga Ippai (Full of Scarves) and one on the Italian album as well (which I will post later in the day). Anyways on to the episodes!

7: A Summer Festival Adventure

This doesn’t kick off to being a Pashmina episode until half way but I’ll count it as so as being one of Pashie’s likes. One thing that’s never touched is her love of flowers. I’ve recently discovered when re-reading the old American Hamtaro guidebook is that she loves flowers. This could just have been something they made up on the spot to go with a vector of Pashmina snuggling a flower but her card in the TCG says other wise. She is transfixed on Maxwell’s definition of fireworks which is basically a giant flower seen in the night sky during festivals. She wanders away from the group to go to the Hachimen Temple roof and see the fireworks but only slips and almost falls off the roof before the Ham-Hams get to her. She later cries and wishes she never went to the festival until Hamtaro cheers her up with dancing and everyone dances and afterwards the fireworks show begins. 

22: Pashmina’s Present

Hamtaro tells everyone that it’ll be Travis’ birthday soon and they’re interested in the concept of giving presents to somebody and Howdy and Dexter declare that Pashmina would be the perfect ham to give presents to. Penelope offers to give Pashmina a present but Pashmina kindly declines because she doesn’t need a present to know how much Penelope likes her. Howdy and Dexter soon rope in Hamtaro and Bijou to think of gifts to give her and they soon learn that they should think of Pashmina when making a present and they make her a pink hat and a pair of pink mittens to match her scarf. However Penelope wins the contest by giving her what Hamtaro suggested, a bag full of seeds. And then the hat and gloves were never seen again. I guess they just didn’t want to overload her character model with too much pink accessories. It was a shame too, those were cute and it was at perfect timing because winter was just starting in the show. 

72: The Knitting Craze

After a game of hide and seek and Elder Ham saying how great hand-made scarves are the girls all decide to make some scarves of their own and soon it catches on with everyone once Hamtaro decided that they need to make a scarf for Brandy for the upcoming winter. It starts out a Pashie related episode sort of but quickly just becomes a team effort. Nothing wrong with that, I just find it a little weird since these later episodes just tend to focus more on a group project and no character development whatsoever…

117: Tottoko Yume Miru! Chibimaru-chan

After hearing a fairy tale from Kylie, Penelope dreams to see a castle in real life and leads the Ham-Hams astray from a planned picnic and when Penelope doesn’t come back, the Ham-Hams split up to try and find her. Pashmina finds Penelope but they get caught in a storm and Penelope manages to find an abandoned house near the lake that looks like a castle. Pashmina understands but they need to get going back. Pashmina slips and falls over a cliff but manages to latch onto a twig. Penelope gets the others and they pull Pashmina up. They find out Pashmina is feverish and that she must go home. 

This is one of the few two parters they have decided to do. It ends with a super sad note, Penelope feels super guilty that Pashmina is so sick that she doesn’t want to see her again. It’s pretty much one of the saddest things in the show.

118: Bokura no! HamuHamu Kyassuru

A continuation from last episode, Pashmina has come down with a fever and wont make it to the Clubhouse for a few days. Penelope suffers extreme guilt and never goes back to the Clubhouse again. Soon the Ham-Hams get the idea to build a castle for Penelope in the Ham-Ham Fun Park. They get Penelope to be the princess of the castle. A few days later, Pashmina recovers from her flu and she returns to the Clubhouse and Penelope apologizes and tries to make it up to Pashmina by making her the princess of the castle and Penelope her tiny knight in armor. The Ham-Hams have a little imaginary play and Pashmina and Penelope become the best of friends again.

This conclusion was the sweetest thing I have ever seen in an episode. Definitely a favorite!

188: Tottoko Henshin! Mafura-chan

This one I have yet to see but apparently June becomes interested in ballet and that also sparks Pashmina’s interests too. Sparkle comes along and trains Pashmina and the rest of the girls into becoming ballerinas.

From the sound of it, it sounds like a total Sandy episode to me to be honest. Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet are similar after all.

286: Tottoko Koisuru! Sorahamu-kun

I believe I’ve seen this one but it’s been a long time and I barely remember anything from it other than this is where the PashminaXSorahamu-kun ship comes from. I just know that Pashmina is flattered but isn’t looking for a relationship and just wants to be friends. It’s a little strange since her character is usually all for lovey-dovey mushy stuff like the other girls but isn’t really looking for one. Ah well, that’s OK. 

Anyways that’s Pashmina for you. uwu~